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Taurus Monthly Forecast
APR 20 – MAY 20
  • Being the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus are also the rulers of the second house. For them, everything is about being rewarded and enjoying those rewards in full pleasure. The idea of indulging in physical pleasures and material goods is what entices their sensual personality. They are always looking for adding to their already existing list of desires. Although simple pleasures are also well appreciated by them. Comfort is something they gloriously dwell in, along with anything that pleases them. They are the creators of heaven on Earth and love to be a part of that heaven in every way possible. All that they need in their lives is for them to be able to lead a good life.

    The bull being their zodiac sign, it can be expected of them to be stubborn about what they want. But they are not always stuck on one thing, and their aim is to move forward once they have what the wanted. For the same reasons, they are very practical in their approach and their desire for indulgence in material goods is what will drive them towards the finish line.

    Being ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, their heart always looks forward to something pretty and nice. Everything in their life is about true beauty, and they can’t really imagine their lives without it. They also know how to work hard to attain all that in their lives which is why their thinking of them deserving a reward makes sense to them.