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Scorpio Monthly Forecast
OCT 23 – NOV 21
  • Scorpios are individuals who never wish to be taken lightly. They like to know that they have the power to have an effect on you and that you are taking them seriously. For them, they must ask the right questions and know about the right things about you. You will find them prying a little into things where they don’t belong sometimes, but they are genuinely interested in knowing things about you. They could be good investigators because of how the curiosity in them fuels their personality and how they work with things.

    For a Scorpio, the world is either dark or light, and there is no colour in between. They are mostly interested in starting up things and most likely ending them as they want. What happens in between hardly interests them. Their symbol, which is the scorpion suits their personalities well, because they can never accept defeat and would rather die at their own hands than of the enemy. For them, having control of everything around them is important and above anything else. Losing control can turn them into self-destructive creatures, but it won’t be long before they regain themselves and everything else back into their hands.

    Being fearless and living by their own rules is a clear depiction of anyone of the Scorpio sign. They are adamant on success, no matter how they get to it or what it takes to get to it. They always know what their goal is and how to make it achievable for them.