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Saggitarius Monthly Forecast
NOV 22 – DEC 21
  • A Sagittarius is always wandering and looking for answers and you better not stop them from getting those answers. There are many questions that trouble the mind of a Sagittarius, which is why they find themselves on the road, looking for the answers to these questions and indulging in conversations with people about it. It is not just important for them to get those answers, but to get truthful answers. Truth defines their persona above all things. They are truth seekers and are always looking for knowledge to fuel their brains.

    You will never find a Sagittarius to be narrow-minded because they know the alternatives. They know enough to be a broad-minded personality, and even more sometimes than they let on. Religion and philosophy are a driving force to their quest for knowledge because they wish to satisfy their souls. One can never stop a Sagittarius from freeing itself from the material things in life or constantly driving themselves for searching the meaning in life. What matters to them above all is that they are happy and free.

    Being ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius zodiac has traits of being generous to people. They usually have the good parts of being a ruler and a leader. They know how to treat the people around them well and to show them that warmth. Sometimes, one might find them to be too optimistic, but that can be useful in times when you are looking for something positive. There isn’t anyone better than a Sagittarius who can help here.