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Pisces Monthly Forecast
FEB 19 – MAR 20
  • Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, which is why they have many personality traits which have been taken from other eleven zodiac signs. Most of their qualities are not displayed out in the open, the layers they have can be peeled off one by one if they allow. Hence, they are not focussed on themselves despite having so much in them; all they want in life is to be spiritual and be on the journey to self-discovery. Being selfless is their true nature as you will find most of them helping others without thinking of themselves.

    Feeling really drive how a Pisces does things in life, whether it is for others or for themselves. You will find them burdened by the weight of the emotions of others and their own. Most of them are highly evolved personalities for the same reasons. Having those feelings is important, but they don’t dwell in them, rather do something to make things better.

    Fish is the symbol of the Pisces Zodiac, which is a reflection of their easy-going personalities that hardly harm others. The two fish also represent that they are better in pairs and teams. The energy one would feel around a Pisces is unique, considering they have everything all the zodiacs have. Sometimes they might dwell in fantasy for their own pleasure but they come back to the facts very soon. It is easy for them to get caught in those dreams of the perfect world they wish it were.