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Libra Monthly Forecast
SEP 23 – OCT 22
  • With Libra, the kind of personality that the zodiac signs portray tends to shift towards their relationship with others. This is why Libras can be seen to be more focussed on others than they are focussed on themselves. You can always find them surrounded by a group of people because they surely don’t wish to be alone at all. They also feel better and work better when in pairs. For them, working in a team because that represents fair is what matters most. Being coupled with their lovers is where they find comfort above all.

    Balance is a quality that really defines the personality of a Libra because they wish to work in a way that it benefits everyone around them. Their zodiac symbol, being scales which also represents balance and justice, Libras are always looking to ensure justice is served. You will hardly find them being unfair or selfish in a situation. Harmony among all is important for them and they hate nay situation, which leads to a confrontation or a fight.

    Libra has a few traits similar to that of a Virgo, as they are always organising things and thinking of strategies to get things done. Being ruled by Venus, who was known to indulge in pleasure for others, you will find Libras to be sensual and seductive. Along with that, community and being social are aspects that really affect how they function. They never wish to be alone and always around people.