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Leo Monthly Forecast
JUL 23 – AUG 22
  • The centre of the stage is where you will always find a Leo, looking for more attention towards them most probably. It is in their personalities to achieve more than they can and make the best impression possible. It is the ambition that drives them towards doing things and they end up accomplishing a lot. All of it is an easy task for them as they love what they do, and their creative mind also helps them find better ways to do things, which many of us would overlook otherwise.

    You will never find a Leo with something like stage fright as most of them will be in professions that need them to take centre stage for themselves. Most of the times, Leos are not just about themselves. You can feel the warmth that radiates from them, which is also why people love being around a Leo. They always know how to cheer up people and make sure that enthusiasm they have within is projected outwards.

    Their sun sign is the lion, means king of the jungle, which is what they also seem themselves as. The leadership qualities in them are pretty clear and they wish to be considered as strong and powerful. Unlike Aries, who are good at initiation, Leos ensure that what they started is done well and take it to completion with an equal amount of vigour the started it with. Hence, you might want to add a Leo to your team for the ultimate results.