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Gemini Monthly Forecast
MAY 21 – JUN 20
  • It is not very hard to spot a Gemini because they will tell you themselves that they are one. They are the ones who love to talk and express all that they have in their heart and mind. Never you will find them talking about nonsense things, and it is their brain that drives them towards expressing anything that goes on up there. Usually, they are the intelligent ones and know how to get information and where to get information about something they are curious. The information collector in them is what fuels everything else in their personality.

    As much as a Gemini is interested in talking, they love having meaningful conversations with their friends and family and literally anyone they love. They know relationships need work and they are all for developing them into beautiful ones. The energy that they always carry within also makes them the life of the party. You will instantly know when a Gemini has walked into the room; their Aura depicts something unique about them. It is never boring to strike up a conversation with them, as they have an imagination which just needs a little fuel, and it goes in all the right directions.

    Their symbol being the twins, it is easy for them to see both sides of the scenario, which is one of their best qualities. Sometimes they can be less practical than their traits are, which confuses people because they themselves don’t know which twin might pop up.