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Capricorn Monthly Forecast
DEC 22 – JAN 19
  • Hard work is above all for this sign in the zodiac. They will hardly be seen out and about having fun when they know working hard is more important at the moment. Others would find them not enjoying life but working for them is true enjoyment. They know that getting to the top is their goal and they also know how much work would be needed to get there. Hence, they are never afraid or lazy to do that. The ambition in them is what drives them towards achieving what their heart desires and what they planned for themselves. It is like a project that they are constantly working on, and they don’t mind even for a second.

    The symbol of their zodiac being the goat is very appropriate as to what they love to do in life. They know that at the top of the mountain, that they love to climb, the air is fresh and clear. That victory itself will make them work even harder next time and climb a steeper and difficult mountain. Sometimes, upsetting people as they go is a scenario that might happen with them but that doesn’t stop them. They wish to be the top dog, and that is what they always aim for.

    Being ruled by Saturn, which is a representation of being the father, a Capricorn knows what it is worth being on top and what it will take to be there. Taking things for granted is never in their nature.