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Cancer Monthly Forecast
JUN 21 – JUL 22
  • Home is where Cancer is and vice versa as well. For a Cancer, the idea of home and family is above all as they ensure to spend most of their time with family and at home. You will feel the motherly love oozing out of them because they are nurturing and caring in every way possible. Nothing fuels their personality better than their own family, which is also why they are the most cheerful around them. The more people join their tribe, the happier they are with it. You will never feel unwelcomed when it comes to Cancer.

    Communal activities and traditions never go by a Cancer without making sure they follow them and indulge themselves into it fully. Following their history and keeping things running as they were is the best task they could do. Every moment they spend is important for them, which is why you will often find them telling you about their great memories. You might also have to handle them in between because it is pretty easy for them to get emotional. Their heart is like a child’s, easily broken and loves too much sometimes. Hence, always the first to laugh and cry in any situation.

    The sign representing them being the crab, they are quick to go into their own shells if it suits their mood. You will find them to be quite moody and quite often going back to the comfort zone. It is not easy to pry them out until they wish to come out themselves.