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Meet the Team Of Our Talented Astrologers

subba rao
Astrology is something that affects all, but many still don’t believe in all that the stars have to say. Our planets define us and each step we take in every day of our lives. Our astrologers are here to help you guide through the journey of discovering yourself through your zodiac sign. The world will be different for you and how you see things when you know what’s good for you. We are not just about making predictions; we are here to bring in that positivity about astrology within yourself. K.S. Krishna Murthy is the master of Vedic and Vastu. He has accumulated over 41 years of astrology and scientific knowledge. It establishes him as the pioneer of K.P Astrology with a prestigious M.A in Astrology to further showcase his potential. M.V. Subba Rao is the protege of Guru K.S Krishna Murthy. He has accumulated vast knowledge and wisdom with M.A in Astrology and excellence in Vastu. Therefore, he is capable of offering his expertise in the vast field of astrology. Following into the footsteps of his Guru, he is on the path to share his knowledge and insights for the benefits of others.

Whether you are a beginner with horoscopes and readings, or you are someone who really loves to indulge, future visions are all about taking care of both your questions and anything else you want. The team of astrologers we have here is true visionaries with a clear understanding of the zodiac and all that comes with them. One try with them will change your life for the better. It is all about believing in yourself and us. Check your horoscope daily here and go about the day feeling prepared and ready to really take on the world and all that it has to give. We aim to normalize astrology and visons in your eyes and helping you achieve the best you could in life, with all that you already have. It is not an unfamiliar world, rather somewhere we all come from, only that we need to look into it deeper than ever.